Haunted Halloween Graveyard Display, Gallows Coffin Corpse Egyptian Mummy Images

This is a pictorial of our Halloween display that grows every year with new additions. What makes this so unique is that the majority of our props and creations are one of a kind unique creations. We have a one of a kind Egyptian Mummy, A gallows with an executioner and victim. A full size coffin with skeletal corpse. A graveyard with tombstones. A reproduction of the scarecrow from the movie Sleepy Hollow. A graveyard ghoul and ghoul rising from a crypt.

Sleepy Hollow Scarecrow graveyard and Vampire Bat
Reproduction of the scarecrow from the movie Sleepy Hollow (one of our favorites we constructed) plus graveyard and vampire bat.

Realistic Halloween Egyptian Mummy with Butler Geeves

Realistic Looking Halloween Egyptian Mummy (another one of our favorites we built) with butler ghoul Geeves in the background.

graveyard ghoul and ghoul coming out of crypt

Image of Graveyard Ghoul and ghoul coming out of crypt.

Close-up of Halloween Corpse in Coffin

This is another one of our favorites – a close-up of Halloween Corpse in Coffin. We built both of these.

You can checkout more of our Halloween creations, images and videos on the following webpage – Click Here!
Note: We are in the process of creating more videos on exactly how we created each of our unique creations. You’ll be able to see them on that webpage after they are completed.

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