Blog Comments -Implementing a Proper Standard for Writing Comments in Blogs

Spammy, misunderstood, annoying, valuable, overused, underused. – Where I come from, these words are tossed around all the time when speaking of blog and forum comments. What exactly are these comments, you ask? Many blog platforms such as Blogger, WordPress and others allow you to make your own little notes stating your ideas or opinions on a blog post. Usually this is right below the post, and they’re fairly hard to miss. It’s not uncommon though for a blog host to completely disable the ability for others to leave comments on their blogs, usually out of fear of getting annoying and spammy comments by idiots trying to promote their business, products, or website. Unfortunately, this kind of rude spam is rather common, so it’s not too hard to see why a lot of bloggers choose to completely disable this feature.

Unfortunately though, disabling the comment feature on blogs is really a lose-lose situation. Do spammers lose? Of course they do. But so do the general public and the blogger himself. The general public loses out on the worthwhile discussion that can come from blog comments, and the blogger loses out on valuable content that can accomplish the following:

Makes the blog more interesting to readers – bringing them back again and again. Comments add to the content of the blog making it more valuable to search engines, thus giving it more exposure. Obviously comments add new fresh content bringing the search engine spiders around more frequently, meaning more and faster indexing.

There is absolutely no denying that blog comments are an entertaining and valuable tool we can be using. – But how exactly do we make them work not only for the commenters, but for the blog host as well? I have a good solution for this, and it involves education on the part of the blogger and the commenter. Here is my recommendation of what should be implemented on the part of the blog host: A good blog commenting policy that is easy to find and accessible from the front of their blog. It should contain rules similar to the following:

Note: Comments will be accepted on this blog under the following conditions:

  1. The comment must be thought provoking or useful, providing additional information or well thought out discussion concerning the topic at hand.
  2. Comments that are completely off topic will be deleted.
  3. Comments posted only to direct a person to another site will be deleted.
  4. Comments that, to finish reading, you must go to another site will be deleted.
  5. Comments that are of no use, merely lame endorsements of the post, such as, “Great job!” will be deleted.
  6. Here’s even more reason you should leave informative and smart comments: Those that read your comments are much more likely to remember you and take note of you as a competent and intelligent individual. This is especially the case with bright and successful individuals, as they’re always on the lookout for other successful people. – And of course, these are the types we’re trying the hardest to attract.
  7. All other comments are welcome!
  8. You may place a link back to your site in your username. – To get the most benefit out of this link though, remember to include the keyword that you’re trying to rank for. A good example is, if your name is John Smith, you can write your name out as such: John (Keyword phrase) Smith. A good tip is to vary up your link and keyword a lot to get maximum benefit.

You would also do well to show an example of a well done, and a poorly done, comment.

Here is something a good blog manager can do to encourage this mutually beneficial commenting:
Install a plugin into your blog that removes the nofollow from links. You can go to this helpful link that will contain instructions on various blogging platforms:
Nofollow Blog Instruction Link

Items for the Blog commenter to do:
Write intelligent comments - if necessary do a Google search on the topic to get some valuable additional information to leave in the comment.
This next tip applies after leaving the comment – it is highly recommended that you place several links back to the address of the page containing your comment. Why? – The post with the comment page itself will often become obscure and perhaps not even indexed in Google. By placing a few links to it everyone wins. The blog master has a more valuable page on their site to generate them traffic and search engine traffic and the commenter gets a link coming back to their site that has some value to it. Most people leave out this step – just adding a couple links to the comment page from several of the social bookmarking sites can make a huge difference.

One final note for the Blog Master. – I would make it so that all blog comments have to be approved by the moderator, however do this in a timely manner based on the criteria above. Upon approval of the comment I would even email the person making the comment with the URL of the page the comment is on advising it would be very beneficial for them to add several links from several of the social bookmarking sites to the blog page with the comment. There is no reason that benefiting from a blog comment must be immediately thought of as spam, and using these tips and techniques, both the blogger and the commenter can have a mutually beneficial relationship!

Here is our Blog Comment Policy – Click Here!

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Directmatches -a Review of this Social Networking Website and Business Opportunity

Perhaps you’ve heard of this Social Networking service Directmatches. Here is my review of the service from perhaps a different perspective.

Recently I was introduced to the social networking site Directmatches or if you prefer. This is a site that allows you to meet people who may share your interests as well as business network with other people.

Here is my perspective on the site. First let me say I think the site is a great concept. There is a free side, which has limited functionality and allows you to meet potential prospects who may be interested in your business opportunity. And there is a paid side which allows you as they say to earn up to $12,000 per week by recruiting other people interested in this paid service.
First let me say I’m not here to recruit people for this program.

I personally don’t have the highest opinion of a concept that caps your pay, however, that’s another discussion.

Now here’s what I noticed within the first 24 hours of signing up. Now much of this may have been the profile I listed – 13 years internet marketing and network marketing experience with a great deal of success. But anyway I received numerous offers of people wanting to coach me on how to have success in network marketing and a home business. Now there is just something wrong with someone who’s had very little success of their own wanting to teach others how to have success.

Now how do I know these were unsuccessful people contacting me.

First they didn’t even bother to take 30 seconds to read my profile, if they had they wouldn’t have said things like “perhaps you’ve been frustrated by lack of success in the past, well I have a solution!”

Second because of their amatuerish approach. (This could almost have been lumped in with reason one above, but I made it separate.) Before they’ve even had a chance to meet me they’re trying to get me to join their program.

Third because they did nothing to standout from the others. The people contacting me was almost like a mob of people shouting -join my program, and trying to shout louder than the other guy. Actually I see this same thing over and over, not just in Directmatches. To be really successful in the home business field of network marketing you must be able to show the people you are recruiting how you personally can be of benefit to them in your program. After all this is only right, if they are going to help you make money you must consider how you can benefit them, creating a win-win scenario.

Most successful people will endeavor to set themselves apart from the masses. (There’s a clue here why they’re successful) Of all the people in Directmatches that contacted me, none of them gave me any specific information of how I would benefit from working with them. It was all third party stuff like many of them wanted me to read this 10 Step to Success ebook and they would say “Now they know it wasn’t there fault for not being successful previously – that they were lied to.” That is in my opinion a cop out and a marketing ploy on the part of the people who wrote the ebook. People never want to accept that they failed on account of themselves, and it was no one elses fault. The point here is I didn’t need them specifically to get the ebook, if I wanted it – I had my pick of dozens of people offering me this same ebook. So as someone with a track record of success I’m going to make the best decision for myself, which is getting it from that person who provides me with the unique benefits that give me the best chance of success .

The point is none of these people that approached me offered me anything to set themselves apart from the other dozen or so people who contacted me about the same success ebook. That’s insanity, they all claimed they now knew how to be successful and even offered to coach me and yet not a one of them said anything about how they could provide value to me to separate themselves from the herd. One of the cardinal rules of marketing is to get noticed above the competition.

So what is my ultimate opinion of Directmatches - it can be worthwhile but only if you take the time to figure out how you’re going to standout and offer unique advantages over all the other people in Directmatches trying to recruit people.

So here’s my Success Tip:

At the heart of any marketing program it’s pretty simple – offer a competitive advantage over the competition. When trying to recruit for home businesses on offer specific, defined tangable benefits that the other guy competition isn’t offering.


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Resource Pages on GoChi and Goji Juice and Web 2.0

Here is an example of some of the big benefits of using web 2.0 and Social Book Marking and Linking. One of the great ways you can use the various social bookmarking sites like and, backflip .com or many of the other ones is as follows.

Suppose you’re an educator or teacher – you could reference a number of resources around a specific topic on a site like and then provide your students that specific page to do their reference study.

Or suppose you’re doing research on a specific topic, when you find valuable pages around that topic you could add and categorize them all together on a site like for easy retrieval.

A network marketer could use one of these sites to provide a list of all the valuable websites that support his business to make it easy to provide to a new distributor.

Here is an example of a couple of these sites that provide GoChi Goji Juice website information and more GoChi Goji Juice website information.

I think you’ll find these sites like and others to be very valuable and a time saver.

Analyzing Home Business, MLM and Get Rich Quick Schemes.

In this blog post we’re going to analyze some of the rich quick home business offers and what I like to call “sucker pages”.

What to look for in an ad or webpages that you might want to be real cautious about:

It might start off with a headline that reads like:

“Yes, You Can Steal These Closely Guarded Internet Marketing or Home Business, etc Marketing Secrets”

Of course this is to get you to believe you’re getting a real deal – try to actually steal from the person saying this and see how long they’re friends with you. Of course what they really mean is the $1197 price tag for their product is a real steal.

Then they might follow in their ad with something like this-

By Legally copying our system to earn from hundreds to thousands a day within (pick a number) 10 days, no let’s make it a week. Oh and because we don’t want to work too hard let’s say – 99% no 100% on autopilot. Heck the only work required is to get those checks out of the mailbox.

Now why is this done – simple because who doesn’t want to make a lot of money, real fast with little effort. Or let’s just say “Get Rich Quick”

I’ll tell you – I get real offended when I see the following statement, which is used often-

“First of all this is NOT: Multi-Level-Marketing, or some risky investment strategy, nor is it some lotion, potion or pill. Nope this is a real business you will be proud of…”

…and here’s why. It trashes Network Marketing, even though every successful business uses a variation of the Network Marketing model. If you’re someone who thinks Network Marketing or MLM is stupid or a scam you need to view the following video on the following webpage”

Brilliant Compensation movie. It’s about 20 minutes or so on the following webpage.

In addition that statement infers that lotion, potions and pills are not a real business and yet you can trust them because their business is real. Come on the nutrition business is a huge, multi-billions of dollars business and one of the fastest growing today. And you want me to believe that’s not a real business. And of course don’t tell the people that make hand lotion, skin lotions, sun tan lotions, shampoos and conditioners that theirs is not a real business.

Here’s an example of a typical fine print disclaimer on one of these “make big money fast” webpages.
EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas provided. Examples shown are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using the provided information ideas and the techniques. We do not claim this to be a get rich quick scheme. We cannot guarantee your success or income level. The information contained in this product is for your personal entertainment purposes only.
Let’s analzye this - they say in the disclaimer that’s it’s not a get rich quick scheme and yet all through their webpage promotion are testimonies where so and so is making all this money after only 30 or 90 days using their product. Okay if it’s not a get rich quick scheme than it’s a case of deceptive advertising or a purposeful attempt to deceive.
Now don’t get me wrong I’m certainly not against home business, however I think you’re better off looking for an opportunity that under promises and over delivers than something with a bunch of hype.

Here’s something else these get rich quick webpages are famous for they often make claims like:
And here’s the best part you will NEVER…

  • have to create products or carry inventory.
  • have to learn or acquire any technical expertise or become computer literate.
  • have to talk to any customers by phone or in person.
  • have to communicate by email customers.
  • have to interact with customers or do any prospect follow-up.
  • have to contact your friends and family.

The point is this – there are plenty of legitimate home businesses, which don’t require you stock an inventory or become a computer whiz. And sure we can get help with customers, however if you want a successful home business you’re going to have to get your feet dirty so to speak. You can’t avoid customers. Would you want to deal with a business that you couldn’t talk to anyone or email anyone? Of course not so how are you going to create a successful business without any customer interaction?

The point is these are all statements that appeal to many people’s lottery, lazy mentality.
We all have this it’s just that successful people are able to overcome their lazy side. After all who wouldn’t want to make a lot of money fast with virtually no effort involved. I know I would, but I also know that until robots can actually think and do everything man is capable of doing this will never happen. It’s only a dream and face it – the guy selling this product is not going to make nearly as many sales if he told you a successful home business was a lot of work.
I’m not going to BS or sugarcoat this – a successful home business is a lot of work and truly lazy people most likely will never succeed on a home business. However, there are a lot of tools, tips and information that can make success much easier. I didn’t say easy – I said easier. Most people won’t cut it in their own home business, but to those who do the rewards in terms of accomplishment and lifestyle are well worth it.
My goal is not to help everyone be successful in a home business. I can’t do that, but I can greatly help the willing be much more successful than they otherwise would be or much faster.

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Plans on How to Start a Home Business.

In this our first post on this new blog we’re going to refer to a previous post on this subject of starting a home business. However, I also want to bring you some new information in this regard.

As you may know the home business arena is becoming more and more competitive. As people look to become more financially secure in today’s environment more and more people are looking to start a home business..

One valuable tip I would like to leave you whether you are looking for a home business or are already involved. That is this - will a person in this home business acquire additional useful skills that they can apply outside their business and in the future even if they were to eventually quit the business?

For example learning various aspects of internet marketing.

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