Jule of the Orient Jiaogulan and MerchantCircle

How did the expression “Beat a dead horse” ever start. Heck I don’t know but I’m beating that horse again. A couple of things I want to talk about here. The purpose of this blog is to bring your attention to a couple of cool business items.

First is the website MerchantCircle. This is a cool little website that allows you to advertise your business. One thing nice about the site is I’ve noticed the site tends to rank on Google plus it can link back to your main business site if you have one. Especially if you take advantage of the blog feature on the site.

Here’s an example, this is the MerchantCircle blog I created for the New Jiaogulan Jule of the Orient Freelife Product.

I would encourage you to signup for your free MerchantCircle account and blog. You can simply go to merchantcircle.com to signup for your free account.

Here is more information on this new New Jiaogulan Jule of the Orient Freelife Product and home business opportunity. This is my Number 1 pick for the best home based business opportunity for the vast majority of people today. In fact even if you’re currently heavily involved with something else you should highly consider becoming involved in some form or fashion. The incomes we’re looking at here are just too potentially staggering.

Here’s why this is number one on my list of home business opportunities.

1. First the product is the best nutritional product I’ve ever seen in my 15 years marketing nutritional products.
And when you consider how it works – it improves circulation and micro-circulation up to 50% within 30 minutes of taking it. Think about that, that means you’re getting more oxygen and nutrients to every cell and organ of your body. Common sense simply dictates that if you get more nutrients and oxygen to your cells, every part of your body is going to be healthier. And that’s just the beginning – there are over 300 studies documenting over 54 separate health benefits. (See below)

2. Second is Timing – when you have an outstanding product this is the top factor when it comes to making it big in the home business industry. Call it ground floor, what-ever, it’s like the Holy Grail of marketing. Most people search for it their whole life and most of them wind up a day late and a dollar short. Well not only is this timing like you’re searching for, but only a couple weeks old timing with a product that trumps everything else in the industry.

3. Third is the inexpensive cost to get started plus all the intangibles like comp plan, company vision and integrity plus passion.

4. Fourth is passion – all of the above leads to a total passion about this product and opportunity and what it can do for people. Passion moves mountains in this industry.

For more information call and listen to this short 4 minute message and leave your name and information and we’ll get back to you shortly. 1-206-666-1774

More information on Freelife’s New Jule of the Orient Jiaogulan Product.

Check out some of the 54 separate health benefits of Jiaogulan and Jule of the Orient .

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Jiaogulan Jule of the Orient Rocks MLM Network Marketing Industry

I implore you to check out this information – I can’t begin to tell you how good this product is.

Have you ever wanted to be first with something instead of finding out about something truly special after everyone else?

I”ve got to share this information with you -it is that important. If you choose to ignore it now I guarantee you will hear about it again if not from me from the buzz of a neighbor or co-worker.

This is earth shattering news. The type of news where you could care less what your neighbor or co-worker thinks of you.
And guess what it’s only started shipping 10 days ago. Talk about timing. Almost everyone I’m talking to is interested in this product.

You’re right now looking straight down the barrel of greatest opportunity to make some truly lifestyle changing income that you most likely will ever see.

I know this nutrition home business industry like the back of my hand, I’ve lived and breathed it for 14 years now. This is what I do like a doctor or attorney or engineer I don’t dabble – I’m a professional – I do this for a living.

This ain’t my first dance so it takes something really special to impress me in a nutrition product – and oh yeah I’m school girl giddy impressed.

What Freelife (the Goji Juice people) just released is the greatest nutritional product in the history of the home business industry. Yeah that’s right you heard me, I’m aware of all the other products like Monavie, Healthy Chocolate, Chews-4-Health, Xango, Goji, Noni, you name it this new Jule of the Orient trumps all of them.

Here’s why I can make that statement with total boldness: Jule of the Orient is so effective it will have by far the highest reorder rate of any of those products listed above, which also means people won’t be looking for the next big thing. They will have already found it.

3 things are largely responsible for success in the home business arena.

1. Timing – learning about and becoming involved before the masses do.
2. A great hot product that creates reorders on a regular basis
3. A good company that won’t pull the rug out from under you.

Let’s examine what we now have with Jule of the Orient,

1. Brilliant Timing -a product that just started shipping 10 days ago.
2. The best most effective product that will have the highest reorder rate of any product ever in this industry because of the mind boggling results. (One of the 54 things this product does is increase micro-circulation within 20-30 minutes of taking which creates a natural viagra like effect.
3. As good and dedicated a God fearing company as I have seen.

Throw in a couple things like people looking for alternative work at home options in record numbers because of the economy plus uncertainty about health care and you have something very special.

God as always provided for me and my family – I know he brought me Goji Juice over 5 years ago and it really blessed me and many others.
Now out of the blue he brought me this new Jiaogulan product Jule of the Orient.
I know there are many people hurting or scared about the current economic situation. I feel a calling that this product can help and provide hope to countless people in the local area.

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