19 Ways To Get More Internet Traffic

19 Ways To Get More Internet Traffic
Article by Matt Bacak (Incidentally I’ve known Matt for about 8 years now and he’s an extremely knowledgeable and successful online marketer)

The need to get more traffic is normally a concern for all website owners and online marketers. Getting traffic is an unavoidable part of any online business cycle. Traffic converts to leads and/or sales, which is the main reason for engaging in any business.

However, the amount of sales does not only depend on the quantity, but the quality of traffic. You need to get more traffic that converts and not just hits to your web pages. This article is here for just that purpose. Read along.

1. You should write well. I’m not bragging but I guess you enjoy reading my content and wouldn’t mind coming back for more because you will find good quality here. Do the same.

2. After writing for a while, your pages will rank and start attracting new visitors. You should therefore write often to keep the flow of repeat visitors as new visitors come.

3. Submit your website’s url to various search engines to keep them on the radar. This will increase the chances of having your pages indexed and ranked.

4. Add links of the sites you like on your blogroll. The owners of the blogs will come across your site and you will stand a chance of getting a reciprocal link, thus siphon their traffic.

5. Commenting is simple but essential in increasing traffic. Quality comments will attract clicks to your blog thus increase traffic.

6. Set up an RSS feed on your blog. This makes it easy for your loyal readers to not only read your blog but to get a notification when you post new content.

7. Links are an integral part of any website. Not only do they improve search engine ranking, but they tap the shoulders of other webmasters who will notice your site and investigate it. They may also be new readers.

8. Add tags to each post you create. It takes a few minutes but drives additional traffic to your pages.

9. Tags also help readers find your blog when they search on blog search engines like Technorati.

10. If you have a blog, consider participating in guest blogging. This creates links and drives bloggers traffic back and forth.

11. Submit your site to social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit, etc. It will boost your web visitors.

12. Remember to perform search engine optimization to your website. Create keyword targeted content and leverage the rest to search engines.

13. Images are important to your blog, not because they improve the beauty of your page, but, when optimized they drive some traffic to your site too.

14. Videos are quickly taking root in the online market today. Create them and post them to video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

15. When uploading your videos, write a description of the video to help search engines index it fast.

16. Always put a link to your site on the videos you share on the various sites.

17. Email marketing is very important and if done well, provides great ROI and the quality traffic needed.

18. Create a squeeze page a build a mailing list.

19. Find a way to entice your unresponsive subscribers. This can be through free offers and discounts. This will improve their loyalty and improve the needed traffic.

There are many strategies to making money on the internet, but nothing makes sense unless you have a big list. Email Marketing is the most profitable way to make money on the internet. When you build a list of hot and hungry prospects you control your future. Discover how to use the internet and turn your computer into a cash gushing machine. Sign-up right now for Matt Bacak ‘s FREE online newsletter to find out how to do exactly that – Go here: http://www.promotingtips.com

Blog Comments – A Video Guide and More

In our last blog post we discussed blog comments as an opportunity to blend in or get noticed. In this blog post we discuss some of the ways to get back links to your site through blog posts or blog comments.

Plus how to properly comment – what to say – what not to say to increase the chance your blog comment is accepted. Plus we discuss a valuable blog commenting technique most blog commenters ignore to their detriment.

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Blog Comments An Opportunity to Stink or Shine

Regarding blog comments – does anyone else ever get tired of seeing the obligatory but boring “great post” line. What really consists of a great blog post? Isn’t it really just to get people to come back again and read your content again and again so you can in the case of a business blog monetize that traffic is some way?

I mean if your TV show gets to the point where it seems like the writers went on strike 2 seasons ago and haven’t returned well that’s like a crappy blog post. Just like the show nobody wants to read the blog post.

So what are some ways to get people returning on a regular basis to your blog.

  • Keep your blog posts entertaining. People always love to be entertained.
  • Keep your blog posts interesting and informative.
  • Keep your blog post engaging by asking questions.
  • Do things to stimulate comments like have a comment of the month contest where the best comment of the month gets a blogroll link from your blog to their blog.
  • Install the WordPress “top commentators” plug-in on your blog to encourage comments.

So if I could make a couple hard hitting jabs to the gut here. I’d be willing to bet most comments on blogs are placed for the purpose of getting a link, and ultimately the traffic that link represents. So when posting a comment why do we not think – this is an opportunity to stand out from everyone else? Anytime we leave a blog comment the goal should not be to blend in but to standout so people may click through to your site, which may develop a business relationship for you.

Blending in is like being on the 14th page of Google search results – standing out is being on the first page. Also think in these terms – if your comments lead to further discussion and additional comments and activity you’re not only going to get noticed by the people commenting but also the blog host. Which could lead to you being asked to write a guest blog post or at the very least asked to comment on other blogs.

This last comment is only intended for those who are a little slow today, but guest post = credibility.

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Network Marketing Home Business Organization Structure

One of the primary reasons a person has success or failure in a network marketing home business is because of the proper structure or lack of proper structure of a home business. Most people that start a home based business of this nature never consider how to properly build and structure their business. Their initial goals needs to include how are they going to identify, target and prospect the several key people they will need to make their business a success.

Here is a video that shows what most home business people don’t consider when getting started. In addition this video shows how to avoid this common network marketing mistake.

We bring the above video to your attention because our top focus in helping you build your network marketing home business is providing you the specialized marketing tools that enable you to recruit the top key people necessary for building your successful business.Our next blog post will show you one of the training videos we use to attract and recruit other key internet marketing people. Plus the video will show some great information on blog comments.

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Blog Comments -Implementing a Proper Standard for Writing Comments in Blogs

Spammy, misunderstood, annoying, valuable, overused, underused. – Where I come from, these words are tossed around all the time when speaking of blog and forum comments. What exactly are these comments, you ask? Many blog platforms such as Blogger, WordPress and others allow you to make your own little notes stating your ideas or opinions on a blog post. Usually this is right below the post, and they’re fairly hard to miss. It’s not uncommon though for a blog host to completely disable the ability for others to leave comments on their blogs, usually out of fear of getting annoying and spammy comments by idiots trying to promote their business, products, or website. Unfortunately, this kind of rude spam is rather common, so it’s not too hard to see why a lot of bloggers choose to completely disable this feature.

Unfortunately though, disabling the comment feature on blogs is really a lose-lose situation. Do spammers lose? Of course they do. But so do the general public and the blogger himself. The general public loses out on the worthwhile discussion that can come from blog comments, and the blogger loses out on valuable content that can accomplish the following:

Makes the blog more interesting to readers – bringing them back again and again. Comments add to the content of the blog making it more valuable to search engines, thus giving it more exposure. Obviously comments add new fresh content bringing the search engine spiders around more frequently, meaning more and faster indexing.

There is absolutely no denying that blog comments are an entertaining and valuable tool we can be using. – But how exactly do we make them work not only for the commenters, but for the blog host as well? I have a good solution for this, and it involves education on the part of the blogger and the commenter. Here is my recommendation of what should be implemented on the part of the blog host: A good blog commenting policy that is easy to find and accessible from the front of their blog. It should contain rules similar to the following:

Note: Comments will be accepted on this blog under the following conditions:

  1. The comment must be thought provoking or useful, providing additional information or well thought out discussion concerning the topic at hand.
  2. Comments that are completely off topic will be deleted.
  3. Comments posted only to direct a person to another site will be deleted.
  4. Comments that, to finish reading, you must go to another site will be deleted.
  5. Comments that are of no use, merely lame endorsements of the post, such as, “Great job!” will be deleted.
  6. Here’s even more reason you should leave informative and smart comments: Those that read your comments are much more likely to remember you and take note of you as a competent and intelligent individual. This is especially the case with bright and successful individuals, as they’re always on the lookout for other successful people. – And of course, these are the types we’re trying the hardest to attract.
  7. All other comments are welcome!
  8. You may place a link back to your site in your username. – To get the most benefit out of this link though, remember to include the keyword that you’re trying to rank for. A good example is, if your name is John Smith, you can write your name out as such: John (Keyword phrase) Smith. A good tip is to vary up your link and keyword a lot to get maximum benefit.

You would also do well to show an example of a well done, and a poorly done, comment.

Here is something a good blog manager can do to encourage this mutually beneficial commenting:
Install a plugin into your blog that removes the nofollow from links. You can go to this helpful link that will contain instructions on various blogging platforms:
Nofollow Blog Instruction Link

Items for the Blog commenter to do:
Write intelligent comments - if necessary do a Google search on the topic to get some valuable additional information to leave in the comment.
This next tip applies after leaving the comment – it is highly recommended that you place several links back to the address of the page containing your comment. Why? – The post with the comment page itself will often become obscure and perhaps not even indexed in Google. By placing a few links to it everyone wins. The blog master has a more valuable page on their site to generate them traffic and search engine traffic and the commenter gets a link coming back to their site that has some value to it. Most people leave out this step – just adding a couple links to the comment page from several of the social bookmarking sites can make a huge difference.

One final note for the Blog Master. – I would make it so that all blog comments have to be approved by the moderator, however do this in a timely manner based on the criteria above. Upon approval of the comment I would even email the person making the comment with the URL of the page the comment is on advising it would be very beneficial for them to add several links from several of the social bookmarking sites to the blog page with the comment. There is no reason that benefiting from a blog comment must be immediately thought of as spam, and using these tips and techniques, both the blogger and the commenter can have a mutually beneficial relationship!

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