Defective Atlas Chalet Shingles Roof Replacement North Georgia, Atlanta, Gwinnett, Cobb Counties

My insurance company recently paid to have my Atlas Chalet roof replaced with a GAF True HD Architectural Timberline Shingle, because of storm damage. Numerous homes with Atlas Chalet shingles are having their entire roof replaced because of storm damage and you can’t just replace individual shingles.

The following video shows how Atlas Chalet Shingles are defective.

The Atlas Roofing Corporation started manufacturing its Chalet shingle to create a unique faux architectural look at an affordable cost. They first started being used in the late 90’s and around the year 2000.

Atlas Roofing claimed in their original marketing that the “Chalet gives you peace of mind at an affordable price.” Atlas also claimed that these shingles are resistant to algae and up to 80 mph winds.

However, in reality these shingles are very susceptible to problems like pitting, cracking and blistering and this can lead to granule loss, where chunks of material dislodge from the allegedly defective shingles. As the Chalet shingles wear away and deteriorate over a short period of time, this can leave them susceptible to storm damage, which can eventually lead to leaks and other problems.

Atlas Roofing Corporation in 2010 announced their Chalet line of shingles would be discontinued.

The Atlas Chalet shingle had a 30 year limited warranty when it was being produced. This would now equate to a limited lifetime warranty for a similar shingle today.

Chalet shingles have been discontinued. Chalet shingles can’t be purchased, so if you need to replace a few shingles, you can’t do it. There is no “like kind and quality” substitute for the unique faux architectural shingle, so it cannot be matched.

Watch the Following Video of My Roof Being Replaced and the Roofing Contractor I Highly Recommend in Atlanta and North Georgia including Gwinnett and Cobb countries.

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