Directmatches -a Review of this Social Networking Website and Business Opportunity

Perhaps you’ve heard of this Social Networking service Directmatches. Here is my review of the service from perhaps a different perspective.

Recently I was introduced to the social networking site Directmatches or if you prefer. This is a site that allows you to meet people who may share your interests as well as business network with other people.

Here is my perspective on the site. First let me say I think the site is a great concept. There is a free side, which has limited functionality and allows you to meet potential prospects who may be interested in your business opportunity. And there is a paid side which allows you as they say to earn up to $12,000 per week by recruiting other people interested in this paid service.
First let me say I’m not here to recruit people for this program.

I personally don’t have the highest opinion of a concept that caps your pay, however, that’s another discussion.

Now here’s what I noticed within the first 24 hours of signing up. Now much of this may have been the profile I listed – 13 years internet marketing and network marketing experience with a great deal of success. But anyway I received numerous offers of people wanting to coach me on how to have success in network marketing and a home business. Now there is just something wrong with someone who’s had very little success of their own wanting to teach others how to have success.

Now how do I know these were unsuccessful people contacting me.

First they didn’t even bother to take 30 seconds to read my profile, if they had they wouldn’t have said things like “perhaps you’ve been frustrated by lack of success in the past, well I have a solution!”

Second because of their amatuerish approach. (This could almost have been lumped in with reason one above, but I made it separate.) Before they’ve even had a chance to meet me they’re trying to get me to join their program.

Third because they did nothing to standout from the others. The people contacting me was almost like a mob of people shouting -join my program, and trying to shout louder than the other guy. Actually I see this same thing over and over, not just in Directmatches. To be really successful in the home business field of network marketing you must be able to show the people you are recruiting how you personally can be of benefit to them in your program. After all this is only right, if they are going to help you make money you must consider how you can benefit them, creating a win-win scenario.

Most successful people will endeavor to set themselves apart from the masses. (There’s a clue here why they’re successful) Of all the people in Directmatches that contacted me, none of them gave me any specific information of how I would benefit from working with them. It was all third party stuff like many of them wanted me to read this 10 Step to Success ebook and they would say “Now they know it wasn’t there fault for not being successful previously – that they were lied to.” That is in my opinion a cop out and a marketing ploy on the part of the people who wrote the ebook. People never want to accept that they failed on account of themselves, and it was no one elses fault. The point here is I didn’t need them specifically to get the ebook, if I wanted it – I had my pick of dozens of people offering me this same ebook. So as someone with a track record of success I’m going to make the best decision for myself, which is getting it from that person who provides me with the unique benefits that give me the best chance of success .

The point is none of these people that approached me offered me anything to set themselves apart from the other dozen or so people who contacted me about the same success ebook. That’s insanity, they all claimed they now knew how to be successful and even offered to coach me and yet not a one of them said anything about how they could provide value to me to separate themselves from the herd. One of the cardinal rules of marketing is to get noticed above the competition.

So what is my ultimate opinion of Directmatches - it can be worthwhile but only if you take the time to figure out how you’re going to standout and offer unique advantages over all the other people in Directmatches trying to recruit people.

So here’s my Success Tip:

At the heart of any marketing program it’s pretty simple – offer a competitive advantage over the competition. When trying to recruit for home businesses on offer specific, defined tangable benefits that the other guy competition isn’t offering.


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