Your Work at Home Business can Win You the Lottery

Not literally so to speak, although that would be pretty cool.

I experience that feeling of winning almost daily in my home business, because of the Internet.

If you’ve ever won more than pocket change in a lottery, gambling, etc it can be pretty exciting.

Work from Home Hawaii Pict
I’ve been experiencing that winning feeling for over 20 years. How would you like to be out doing whatever you love to do, play golf, watch a movie, play with the kids or grand kids, etc and then check your computer and discover you made $105 while you were away. Nothing beats that feeling of excitement, especially when you’re brand new at this. Even after 20 years I still get excited.

And that is why so many people spend so much money on so many different internet courses that have the promise making that a reality. Only to have many people end up being disappointed in so many cases.

So why is this so different you might ask? Well most courses, trainings, etc are either too complicated, or time consuming or combination of the two.

If you’re interested and quite frankly I can’t imagine you wouldn’t be I have a home business program based on my over 20 years experience using the internet that simply works. (Basically I’m taking advantage of a little know technique that makes it relatively easy to get on the first page of Google)

It’s easy to implement,
It’s not time consuming,
It’s built around what you like to do,
It’s inexpensive to implement,
It’s designed to put other people to work
for you enhancing what you earn.

So if you’d like to come in from playing golf or gardening or whatever you like to do and discover you made $55 or even a $100 in the meantime than you need to check this out.

The internet has been a cash machine for myself for over 20 years. I personally have had many days where I’ve earned well over a $1000 dollars.

I want to help make it work for you also.

Note: I’m not guaranteeing you a specific income or amount of money or even a particular position on Google. You may not decide to do anything after getting this information. However, what I do know is that the techniques I will show you have led to numerous first page and even number 1 positions on Google and even Yahoo.

More Info Contact me at either
or call me at
Phone Number: (641) 715-3900
Extension: 592990#

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Play Golf While You Make Money From Home

Make Money While You Play Golf – If you’re a golfer these are words straight out of a dream. You imagine you’re playing on tour putting for $100s of thousands of dollars.. Okay while that may be a dream I’m serious – you can make money while you play golf.

So what am I talking about here. I’m talking about putting the internet to work for you 24/7 so you
can make money even while you’re teeing off or enjoying a drink in the clubhouse.

I personally have put the internet to work for me for almost 21 years now. Earning a 6-figure income from
home. The best part is you don’t have to spend the countless pain-staking hours like I’ve spent learning
how to get a webpage or blog or video on the first page of Google.

We have the knowledge and resources to get this done for well less than an evening dinner for 2.

make money while playing golf

It should be pretty obvious this is internet based which is the most desirable home business and most often the most lucrative.
We are building one of the biggest home business teams ever and you are in at the beginning. And we
invite you to join us. It’s because of our unique ability to get virtually free traffic from the internet that makes this possible. This enables you to really leverage your time and resources

As you may be aware there are plenty of home business options available to you, however nothing like this. This is the only one I am aware of that is built around driving internet traffic and prospects to you.

Plus what we do is duplicate this process with the interested people coming to you which can greatly increase the money you earn.

As I mentioned it does it by putting you on the first page of Google without you having to spend a ton of money or requiring you to have a great knowledge of the internet.

You’ll have a free 24/7 voice line for your traffic prospects to get more info further freeing up your time.

If you would like a Blog (optional) we can provide you free webhosting for it. (This can provide you more traffic and prospects – traffic equals money)

So if you would like to make money while doing what you love to do please contact us – our contact info

Get back to me at either – say I’m a golfer and would like more info on your business system.
or call me and leave a message at
Phone Number: (641) 715-3900
Extension: 592990#

Note: We are obligated to say we make no guarantees of income – it is up to you to use your good judgement to determine whether this is right for you or not.

Tumblr Anti-Aging Presentation Instantly Ageless from Jeunesse

Baby Boomers today are wanting to look younger, feel younger and play more than their parents and grandparents.
Jeunesse is not a random collection of products. They have a complete Youth Enhancement System or (Y.E.S.) carefully developed to combine powerful benefits into a mutually complementary and cohesive system.

One of those great products is Instantly Ageless – check out this presentation on the Tumblr Blog- Click Here!

Jeunesse Instantly Ageless Picture

Jeunesse Instantly Ageless Picture

Jeunesse Instantly Ageless Picture

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Terrific Traffic to your site free internet marketing video

Did you know? Over the next 10- 20 years because of technology there will be more people looking for jobs and there are jobs. At least 2 people looking for every one job available. Start learning today what your options are and get involved in a unique and amazing opportunity and experience the benefits of a business from home.

And consider that the home businesses with the best systems will attract the most and best people. And we have a solution, join us!

You need plenty of traffic including internet traffic to be successful in today’s business climate. And we have put a system in place to help bring traffic and leads to your website.

Are you looking to start a home business? If you want to be a part of a winning team and experience success like never before than listen up.

As part of your team we bring you a prospecting system that helps bring you leads, prospects and customers off the internet. Something I’ve been doing for 19 years since 1995.

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Ways To Raise $100-$500 for your home business

Are you looking to start a home business? If you want to be a part of a winning team and experience success like never before than listen up.

As part of your team we bring you a prospecting system that helps bring you leads, prospects and customers off the internet. Something I’ve been doing for 19 years since 1995.

This Bid For My Meds home business helps people save in some cases up to 90% on prescription drugs and medications. With this kind of savings in today’s economic climate this makes for an excellent home business opportunity.

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Review of IsaGenix Product B Telomeres Support Opportunity

I periodically review new home business opportunities and their products and comp plans. This is about IsaGenix Product B Telomeres support– IsaGenix used to call themselves the cleansing and weight loss company. With the introduction of Product B telomeres product recently now they are the cleansing, weight loss and youthful aging company.

Actually I like this product and opportunity. The product – Product B is the very first product of it’s kind in the network marketing field. It’s much more than just Monavie, or goji juice or noni juice. The companies that same out with these products essentially introduced these particular fruits (acai berry, goji berry, noni, etc) to the market. And these companies did very well but at the end of the day all of these products were essentially in the same category.

What I think makes Product B and the associated opportunity so exciting and special is it’s the first product on the market that actually directly addresses the aging problem. All these other juices and healthy chocolates and other health products while important and healthy products don’t directly address aging and slowing down the aging process.

Aging is the result of your telomeres getting shorter and IsaGenix Product B is the only product from a network marketing company that actually directly addresses telomeres support.

Another product for telomere support – TA-65 came on the market a couple years ago but it is much more expensive and a much weaker product.

When you combine this with all the 3rd party press surrounding telomeres. Telomeres – Telomerase articles – Click Here! You have the very best advertising for your product – an unbeatable combination.

Side Note: This same company has a liquid health drink product that compares favorably with any other health juice product on the market and it’s superior to most.

The same company has a healthy chocolate product that’s just as good as Xoxai if not better in many people’s opinion.

The same company is well known for the countless people who have lost weight in their products.

All of this just combines to make IsaGenix Product B Telomeres Support a superior business opportunity.

More information on Telomeres and IsaGenix Product B – click Here!

Review of PeopleHelpingPeople PeoplezWireless Cell Phones Network Marketing

One benefit of my internet marketing experience and status is I have the opportunity to network with various individuals and create situations where I do someone a favor and they return the favor. In that regard let’s take a look at cell phone home businesses and People Helping People.
Here are some of the key points they are emphasizing:


    Here are some of the important features they are promoting:




    America is transitioning from POST-Paid to PRE-Paid Cell Service
    YOU can profit in this $150 Billion dollar technology shift

    Here are additional features of PeopleHelpingPeople:

  • No Contracts / No Credit Checks
  • Your choice of major carriers: Verizon, Sprint, At&T, T-Mobile
  • Digital VOIP Phone Service / Streaming video anywhere in the world
  • Business & Residential service (up to 1500 lines)
  • IP Phones, Smart Phones, International calling to 35+ countries
  • Video Phone – $269.99 useable anywhere in the world / clear as HDTV
  • IVR – Interactive Voice Response (manage ingoing & outgoing calls)
    Covert text to voice & responds by voice, reads your email out loud

  • Other Points:

    The Comp Plan is a simple 3×12 forced matrix. Each matrix
    holds 29,523 representatives / earn from $1 to $4 per person based on the plan they select. And and up to 50% matching bonus on each personally sponsored member you enroll.

    In conclusion: There are a lot of good features outlined above. However, this business is still in pre-launch and hasn’t launched. The question is will they be able to deliver the goods mentioned above once they do launch. I guess in time we’ll find out. An of course with any new company will they be able to sustain it?

    PeopleHelpingPeople Cell Phone Home Business

    Review of Nerium AD Real Science Real Results Skin Care Home Business

    I periodically review new home business opportunities and their products and comp plans. This is about Nerium AD – their slogan is Real Science – Real Results. They make an incredible Age Defying Skin Care product. – They have one product right now, however they have other products being released in the near future.

    Here is what I learned from their webpage:
    This is one of the hottest products in the industry right now, which has people raving about the results they are getting. You can watch several videos of the clinical studies and Real Results with Nerium AD, that people are getting.

    So what’s my professional opinion of Nerium AD?

    Pluses – They are a essentially a ground floor opportunity -only 8 months old. Even so however
    Designer products typically sell well. Also I like the idea of their 8.4 oz cans – a person feels he’s getting much more product for his money – a case of 48 cans being the equivalent of 12 liters of product for about the same price as 4 liters of one of the other juice products. Even though I believe the other juice products are probably more concentrated, often times in marketing perception rules the day.

    Plus – Calling themselves a Designer Beverage Club keeps them from directly competing as just another juice. I think this is a good marketing idea.

    Plus – Their compensation plan of a simple 3×12 matrix where you only have to get 3 people is a pretty smart idea. It I believe will create more upline support than you would typically get in most all other comp plans. This is great if your goal is to build an organization. However, this isn’t the best plan if your goal is mainly focused on acquiring customers.

    Plus – they appear to be a startup company which obviously creates a ground-floor opportunity to potentially make a lot of money especially in forced matrix system.

    Minuses- They are a startup company which obviously carries with it the risk of them going out of business in a couple years. This is where you would want to do your homework and ask questions. Because of the typical high-risk high-reward associated with a start-up the key is to find information through questions that would minimize that risk.

    Potential Minus – only two products at present and they look like they will only be producing juice products. This is what it is – I’ve learned long ago you don’t have to fit a traditional mold with a product to make money in marketing. Especially in a home business where so many other factors come into play. A perfect example of this is how well Monavie has done with essentially their one product.

    Recommendation – Do you feel lucky – you might want to take the risk that this company is going places. Taking a chance like this is perhaps the only opportunity an average person will ever get to the really big 5 and 6 figure a month income in network marketing. I will also say this, you’re never going to make money in a business of you’re afraid of risk. The key is minimizing that risk through information.

    This article was written by Mike Broadwell and does not necessarily represent the views of the blog. Mike designs marketing strategies where he puts together people in various niches for cross promotion activities for the mutual benefit of all parties. One of these niches is Living Energy Secrets

    More information on Nerium AD Real Results Wrinkle Cream – Click Here!

    Pur3x Pure Energy Designer Beverage Club on Merchant Circle

    Pure3x-Pur3x Beverage Club On Hotfrog (Atlanta) – Click Here!

    More useful info.

    Life Plus Vitamins Weight Loss Diet Products Info

    Article Protecting your Privacy and Security

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    Your Two Main Challenges That Stand in the Way Network Marketing Success

    Something big – a wave is coming that will sweep through and shake the MLM home business industry to its foundations. If you wish to be a part of something big in a home based business – click here!

    Here’s my story – several days ago something happened; here is a true accounting of it. I opened an email from a neighbor who said they were starting to promote this relatively new nutrition product. She commented on how greatly it helped her brother’s health. Writing her back, I sent to her this information about my new home business system. Even though I was familiar with the product and knew I had a better product, I did not argue with her as most likely the product did indeed help her brother.

    The point is this, I can’t begin to tell you how many similar stories I have heard about numerous other nutritional products helping people with their health. I think this is largely because many people have health issues because of poor nutrition, so when they take one of the many good quality products on the market they tend to get remarkable results.

    There is no doubt that some products are of higher quality than others. And you can conduct clinical studies to prove this. But my objective here is not to talk about that.

    I’m actually writing this for people who have the vision, desire and belief they can make $1000’s of dollars a month.

    There was an old TV show which ran from 1967 –1969 titled the Guns of Will Sonnett starring Walter Brennan. It was actually a pretty good show. Anyway there was a famous line from the show Walter Brennan used to say, in regards to his gunslinger ability, “I’m the best in the West – No Brag Just Fact!”

    This is a super confident confession of omni-conviction. If your goal is to make a good income in a home business it is absolutely imperative that you possess total conviction about your business and product.

    Envision the following: Envision 3 wrestlers that are locked in a combat. One wrestler is named Conviction. Conviction is fighting the other 2 wrestlers. Their names are Unbelief and Rejection. A beginning home businessperson is similar to Conviction. The new distributor must face 2 main adversaries or stumbling blocks (Unbelief and Rejection) they have to overcome to be successful and victorious in their home business.

    The first of these obstacles like the wrestler above is named Unbelief. This is like the alter ego of Conviction, the greater Unbelief grows the weaker Conviction becomes. The other opponent is named Rejection. When Conviction gets stronger it’s able to defeat Unbelief and Rejection. However, when you stop feeding Conviction, Conviction gets weaker and Unbelief gets stronger. Now a weak Conviction is not able to overcome Unbelief and Rejection.

    Back to what Walter Brennan said in The Guns of Will Sonnett, “No Brag Just Fact!” You want a home business program that provides the biggest, baddest Superman Conviction character. Easily able to overcome Unbelief and Rejection. No Brag Just Fact! (Complements of Walter Brennan and The Guns of Will Sonnett) I’ve seen what Conviction can do when it grows so big its easily able to defeat its adversary Rejection. Large and very profitable businesses are built. How are you growing your conviction character in your business?

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    TAIslim the Golden – Top Home Business Opportunity

    As a marketer have you ever stopped to consider what would comprise the golden (home business, internet marketing, network marketing) best of the best opportunity?

    An opportunity so good you could make good money essentially by just showing up. How many of you remember the Beanie Baby craze of the mid 1990’s . Essentially all you had to know is let people you were selling them and you had people flocking to you.

    So if I could describe the Golden Opportunity in one sentence it would be having a product in such high demand that people in large numbers would seek you out to buy from you. And people would continue to come back to you multiple times to buy from you. And your product wasn’t a fad people would eventually get tired of.

    So Beanie Babies as good as they were as an opportunity to market, I wouldn’t consider them a Golden Opportunity as they were a fad. The demand for Beanie Babies today isn’t nearly what it was 12 years ago.

    Actually here are 7 Plus 1 identifiers of a Golden perfect opportunity.

    1. The product must be fairly new in the market.
    2. It must be a product or service that numerous people really want and it’s for both male and female young and old, etc.
    3. Your product or service must be proven to work.
    4. Fourth, people must be able to see results.
    5. People must be able to create a mental picture of the product working for them.
    6. The product or service must create heroes and emotional feelings.
    7. your product or service solves a problem or need where numerous people have struggled for years to solve.

    Plus the product is not a short-term fad product that people may tire of in a couple years. There is no end in sight for the life of the product.

    I truly believe this new TAIslim weight loss diet product satisfies all these parameters and more. Because it is so effective fortunes will be made for some people marketing it.

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