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How I made Money with CoolTrade S/W even when investing at one of the worse possible times. Right before the Big Drop in the Dow on August 20, 21st and Monday August 24th.

Have you ever had something you absolutely never thought could happen. Something that changed your entire paradigm. Well something happened to me recently that I found to be absolutely amazing. I’ve had my 401K with traditional brokers mostly in mutual funds over 25 years before starting to use the CoolTrade S/W. I saw some of my mutual funds lose over 2/3 of their value back in 2000. My experience was if the market took a real downturn I lost a lot of money and who knows when my account would recover. In fact I never did make up the losses I had from 2000.
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Back to the CoolTrade S/W.

Using the CoolTrade Software I purchased 200 shares of Bank of America (BAC) on August 19th. I thought to myself a week later that I should have waited a week to purchase BAC.

Now wouldn’t you know it immediately the market tanked big time over the next 3 days or so. Although today just 2 short months later my BAC profit is up over $300 even with that initial big hit on those 3 days and the week of the 24th. This I see is the power of the CoolTrade S/W.
I highly encourage you to watch the following short video on the details of how this was accomplished.

Yet as of today my account is up over $300 in BAC stock even though my initial investment is down almost $300 so how is this possible?

This is basically a byproduct of how the CoolTrade S/W works or at least one of the ways. It is very powerful at giving you a financial edge.

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Was the Market Up or Down Today?

If you use Cool Trade, it really doesn’t matter. CoolTrade’s automated strategies run both a long and short strategy AT THE SAME TIME. This mean that when the market goes up, you make money… and when the market goes down…. you make money. A good day for you is any day that sees the market move UP or DOWN.

CoolTrade Takes the Profits Every Day

What makes CoolTrade so effective is that as soon as a stock gets profitable (even a little bit), it locks in the profit and protects it. So when the market goes back down it takes the profit, and when the market goes up, it continues to protect your profits every day. How would you like to find a $50 or $100 bill on the street every day? That’s what it feels like to run CoolTrade.

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