Analyzing Home Business, MLM and Get Rich Quick Schemes.

In this blog post we’re going to analyze some of the rich quick home business offers and what I like to call “sucker pages”.

What to look for in an ad or webpages that you might want to be real cautious about:

It might start off with a headline that reads like:

“Yes, You Can Steal These Closely Guarded Internet Marketing or Home Business, etc Marketing Secrets”

Of course this is to get you to believe you’re getting a real deal – try to actually steal from the person saying this and see how long they’re friends with you. Of course what they really mean is the $1197 price tag for their product is a real steal.

Then they might follow in their ad with something like this-

By Legally copying our system to earn from hundreds to thousands a day within (pick a number) 10 days, no let’s make it a week. Oh and because we don’t want to work too hard let’s say – 99% no 100% on autopilot. Heck the only work required is to get those checks out of the mailbox.

Now why is this done – simple because who doesn’t want to make a lot of money, real fast with little effort. Or let’s just say “Get Rich Quick”

I’ll tell you – I get real offended when I see the following statement, which is used often-

“First of all this is NOT: Multi-Level-Marketing, or some risky investment strategy, nor is it some lotion, potion or pill. Nope this is a real business you will be proud of…”

…and here’s why. It trashes Network Marketing, even though every successful business uses a variation of the Network Marketing model. If you’re someone who thinks Network Marketing or MLM is stupid or a scam you need to view the following video on the following webpage”

Brilliant Compensation movie. It’s about 20 minutes or so on the following webpage.

In addition that statement infers that lotion, potions and pills are not a real business and yet you can trust them because their business is real. Come on the nutrition business is a huge, multi-billions of dollars business and one of the fastest growing today. And you want me to believe that’s not a real business. And of course don’t tell the people that make hand lotion, skin lotions, sun tan lotions, shampoos and conditioners that theirs is not a real business.

Here’s an example of a typical fine print disclaimer on one of these “make big money fast” webpages.
EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas provided. Examples shown are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using the provided information ideas and the techniques. We do not claim this to be a get rich quick scheme. We cannot guarantee your success or income level. The information contained in this product is for your personal entertainment purposes only.
Let’s analzye this - they say in the disclaimer that’s it’s not a get rich quick scheme and yet all through their webpage promotion are testimonies where so and so is making all this money after only 30 or 90 days using their product. Okay if it’s not a get rich quick scheme than it’s a case of deceptive advertising or a purposeful attempt to deceive.
Now don’t get me wrong I’m certainly not against home business, however I think you’re better off looking for an opportunity that under promises and over delivers than something with a bunch of hype.

Here’s something else these get rich quick webpages are famous for they often make claims like:
And here’s the best part you will NEVER…

  • have to create products or carry inventory.
  • have to learn or acquire any technical expertise or become computer literate.
  • have to talk to any customers by phone or in person.
  • have to communicate by email customers.
  • have to interact with customers or do any prospect follow-up.
  • have to contact your friends and family.

The point is this – there are plenty of legitimate home businesses, which don’t require you stock an inventory or become a computer whiz. And sure we can get help with customers, however if you want a successful home business you’re going to have to get your feet dirty so to speak. You can’t avoid customers. Would you want to deal with a business that you couldn’t talk to anyone or email anyone? Of course not so how are you going to create a successful business without any customer interaction?

The point is these are all statements that appeal to many people’s lottery, lazy mentality.
We all have this it’s just that successful people are able to overcome their lazy side. After all who wouldn’t want to make a lot of money fast with virtually no effort involved. I know I would, but I also know that until robots can actually think and do everything man is capable of doing this will never happen. It’s only a dream and face it – the guy selling this product is not going to make nearly as many sales if he told you a successful home business was a lot of work.
I’m not going to BS or sugarcoat this – a successful home business is a lot of work and truly lazy people most likely will never succeed on a home business. However, there are a lot of tools, tips and information that can make success much easier. I didn’t say easy – I said easier. Most people won’t cut it in their own home business, but to those who do the rewards in terms of accomplishment and lifestyle are well worth it.
My goal is not to help everyone be successful in a home business. I can’t do that, but I can greatly help the willing be much more successful than they otherwise would be or much faster.

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