Blog Comments An Opportunity to Stink or Shine

Regarding blog comments – does anyone else ever get tired of seeing the obligatory but boring “great post” line. What really consists of a great blog post? Isn’t it really just to get people to come back again and read your content again and again so you can in the case of a business blog monetize that traffic is some way?

I mean if your TV show gets to the point where it seems like the writers went on strike 2 seasons ago and haven’t returned well that’s like a crappy blog post. Just like the show nobody wants to read the blog post.

So what are some ways to get people returning on a regular basis to your blog.

  • Keep your blog posts entertaining. People always love to be entertained.
  • Keep your blog posts interesting and informative.
  • Keep your blog post engaging by asking questions.
  • Do things to stimulate comments like have a comment of the month contest where the best comment of the month gets a blogroll link from your blog to their blog.
  • Install the WordPress “top commentators” plug-in on your blog to encourage comments.

So if I could make a couple hard hitting jabs to the gut here. I’d be willing to bet most comments on blogs are placed for the purpose of getting a link, and ultimately the traffic that link represents. So when posting a comment why do we not think – this is an opportunity to stand out from everyone else? Anytime we leave a blog comment the goal should not be to blend in but to standout so people may click through to your site, which may develop a business relationship for you.

Blending in is like being on the 14th page of Google search results – standing out is being on the first page. Also think in these terms – if your comments lead to further discussion and additional comments and activity you’re not only going to get noticed by the people commenting but also the blog host. Which could lead to you being asked to write a guest blog post or at the very least asked to comment on other blogs.

This last comment is only intended for those who are a little slow today, but guest post = credibility.

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