Your Two Main Challenges That Stand in the Way Network Marketing Success

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Here’s my story – several days ago something happened; here is a true accounting of it. I opened an email from a neighbor who said they were starting to promote this relatively new nutrition product. She commented on how greatly it helped her brother’s health. Writing her back, I sent to her this information about my new home business system. Even though I was familiar with the product and knew I had a better product, I did not argue with her as most likely the product did indeed help her brother.

The point is this, I can’t begin to tell you how many similar stories I have heard about numerous other nutritional products helping people with their health. I think this is largely because many people have health issues because of poor nutrition, so when they take one of the many good quality products on the market they tend to get remarkable results.

There is no doubt that some products are of higher quality than others. And you can conduct clinical studies to prove this. But my objective here is not to talk about that.

I’m actually writing this for people who have the vision, desire and belief they can make $1000’s of dollars a month.

There was an old TV show which ran from 1967 –1969 titled the Guns of Will Sonnett starring Walter Brennan. It was actually a pretty good show. Anyway there was a famous line from the show Walter Brennan used to say, in regards to his gunslinger ability, “I’m the best in the West – No Brag Just Fact!”

This is a super confident confession of omni-conviction. If your goal is to make a good income in a home business it is absolutely imperative that you possess total conviction about your business and product.

Envision the following: Envision 3 wrestlers that are locked in a combat. One wrestler is named Conviction. Conviction is fighting the other 2 wrestlers. Their names are Unbelief and Rejection. A beginning home businessperson is similar to Conviction. The new distributor must face 2 main adversaries or stumbling blocks (Unbelief and Rejection) they have to overcome to be successful and victorious in their home business.

The first of these obstacles like the wrestler above is named Unbelief. This is like the alter ego of Conviction, the greater Unbelief grows the weaker Conviction becomes. The other opponent is named Rejection. When Conviction gets stronger it’s able to defeat Unbelief and Rejection. However, when you stop feeding Conviction, Conviction gets weaker and Unbelief gets stronger. Now a weak Conviction is not able to overcome Unbelief and Rejection.

Back to what Walter Brennan said in The Guns of Will Sonnett, “No Brag Just Fact!” You want a home business program that provides the biggest, baddest Superman Conviction character. Easily able to overcome Unbelief and Rejection. No Brag Just Fact! (Complements of Walter Brennan and The Guns of Will Sonnett) I’ve seen what Conviction can do when it grows so big its easily able to defeat its adversary Rejection. Large and very profitable businesses are built. How are you growing your conviction character in your business?

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TAIslim the Golden – Top Home Business Opportunity

As a marketer have you ever stopped to consider what would comprise the golden (home business, internet marketing, network marketing) best of the best opportunity?

An opportunity so good you could make good money essentially by just showing up. How many of you remember the Beanie Baby craze of the mid 1990’s . Essentially all you had to know is let people you were selling them and you had people flocking to you.

So if I could describe the Golden Opportunity in one sentence it would be having a product in such high demand that people in large numbers would seek you out to buy from you. And people would continue to come back to you multiple times to buy from you. And your product wasn’t a fad people would eventually get tired of.

So Beanie Babies as good as they were as an opportunity to market, I wouldn’t consider them a Golden Opportunity as they were a fad. The demand for Beanie Babies today isn’t nearly what it was 12 years ago.

Actually here are 7 Plus 1 identifiers of a Golden perfect opportunity.

1. The product must be fairly new in the market.
2. It must be a product or service that numerous people really want and it’s for both male and female young and old, etc.
3. Your product or service must be proven to work.
4. Fourth, people must be able to see results.
5. People must be able to create a mental picture of the product working for them.
6. The product or service must create heroes and emotional feelings.
7. your product or service solves a problem or need where numerous people have struggled for years to solve.

Plus the product is not a short-term fad product that people may tire of in a couple years. There is no end in sight for the life of the product.

I truly believe this new TAIslim weight loss diet product satisfies all these parameters and more. Because it is so effective fortunes will be made for some people marketing it.

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