Benefits of Starting a Home Based Business

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Benefits of Starting a Home Based Business

Thousands of people are starting home based businesses these days and the trend is only growing.

Besides the obvious financial advantages here are some of the many benefits you may not have previously considered.

  1. Tax advantages - business deductions are too many to list here but they can include home office expenses, wages for your spouse and children (if you employ them), car expenses, business meals and even business vacations. The tax advantages really favor home businesses and this reason alone makes sense enough to start one.

  2. Financial - Equipment purchases - so many things you can get for your home business are tax deductable. Items like home computers, office furniture, software, office equipment, product samples and so much more.

  3. The Other Benefits - like no stressful morning and afternoon commutes and associated expenses. Savings on clothing and lunches. Plus the obvious things like more time to spend with your family and being your own boss.



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