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A Simple but Extremely Powerful System to Help You Build a Profitable Home Business:

Statistically speaking over 90% of the those starting a Home Business will fail without a proven system. This is the culmulation of over 12 years successful internet marketing experience, which has allowed me to live in an exclusive neighborhood. My bedroom overlooks the 14th tee of the golf course. I have a dedicated home theatre room off the pool room that will blow you away. The only reason I bring that up is to show you I know just a little bit about Internet and Network Marketing. And I want to use that knowledge to help you succeed.

There are other systems out there that will promise you more money. In fact in some of our competitor ads below you will see some pretty incredible promises of income and lifestyle. If that suits you fine, however from my experience most systems that over promise - under-deliver. We'd rather deliver more that we promise.

One more thing - we strive to put the caring human element in everything we do. We all still have basic human desires to feel wanted and feel that others care about us. If you want to work with a machine this is probably not for you as even thought we strive to make maximum use of the internet, we want to build a business that lasts. A business only lasts through the caring and human relationships it builds.

Back of Our House from 14th Tee

View from Bedroom Window -14th Fairway

Another View of House

Our Proven System is Strictly for Those Individuals Looking for A Home Business Who Meet the Following Criteria:

  1. You want to take advantage of the internet and perhaps you've even created a blog and you're aware of web 2.0 social

    You will learn to use a variation of the formula that the top internet marketers use to make small fortunes.

    networking, and developed a business plan but you're thinking where do I go with all of this and what do I market?
  2. You feel lost in all the options - it's like you've so many available options and you're afraid of making a mistake you don't know where to start

  3. You've perhaps tried and failed before and you would really like to start a home business again but you're thinking how will this be different - how can I succeed this time?
  4. You'd like to start a home business but you have no experience and you're afraid it will be too costly or difficult.
  5. You've had some previous success but never as much as you would have liked - you almost made it to the top but were like an inch away.
  6. Of course if you're highly successful -heck I'm sure we can find a place for you somewhere.
We are so confident in what we offer in our home based business we invite you to compare what we have to our competition. In fact the more you look the better we look. We encourage you to check out our competition by checking out their ads below and to the right:

Why we are Different - What sets us Apart!

It all starts with caring about you. - I'm sure I could make more money if we took the apprioach that many of our competitors in the ads above and to the right take. However, this is more than just making money. This is above improving and changing lives.

Even if you have the best marketing system in the world, would you want to always be trying to get new customers because people didn't continue to but a lesser product. We have a product second to none - perhaps the single best product to ever hit the home business industry. A product so hot and so strong it has legs of it's own. What do I mean by this - well this is every marketers dream - you make a sale and the customer is so delighted by the product that they refer to you more business.

Click here for more on why were different - compare us to the competition.

Frustrated by Your Job, Too Many Bills, Not Enough Money?

That only applies to about 95% of us so if it applies to you you're not alone. Actually at one time like most everyone else I was in this situation.

Virtually everyone else out there wishes they had more money coming in to make ends meet. You could get a second job but that's hardly a permanent fix unless you want to work two jobs forever. What many people are looking at to solve their financial situation is to start a home business.

I mean what would do it for you right now? Sure who wouldn't want a fancy new home or car or exotic trips, but I'm sure that's not the first thing on your mind. No let's talk about what is going to make a difference in your life right now $500 a month, a $1000? What would it do for you if you had this extra money coming in every month? With most people it's the difference between just getting buy and really making it so they have a little extra to actually enjoy life. Take their spouse out to dinner go to a show or ball game.

13 years ago I was in a situation much like so many others, living paycheck to paycheck and it never seemed like I had enough money coming in. So I decided to start a home business basically just looking to make an extra $500 per month. Well I failed at a couple but I learned and I grew and now I've worked at home for over 10 years. I no longer have to commute to a job.

But this isn't about me - what I did is a "so what" - it doesn't help your situation, but hear me out. I've succeeded in large part because of what I've been able to do through the internet. However, what I did previously wasn't easily duplicable.

So here's your dilemma and also a solution.

First you instinctively know your business won't get off the ground if it's just your family and friends. Can it be done with family and friends - absolutely, it's been done before but typically not by the average new person.

However, let me say this, with what we have you won't want to neglect your family and friends.

So you're considering a home business but you don't know what to do or you've tried before without results.

The problem with most people starting a home business is lack of experience and they don't make money fast enough so they drop out. This is not a recipe for success.

However, if we could show you how to make money from the very get go would you be interested?

Think of it like this, what if every time you bought a lottery ticket you made $2. How long would you continue to buy tickets? Most likely until the cows come home to roost.

Okay let's stop for a minute and look at our options.

  1. We've decided that just family and friends won't cut it, however they can be of some help.

  2. We could just spend money on ads or buying leads or prospects, however this will typically put us in a hole and I've never seen this work that well. Not well enough that I would highly endorse it.

  3. You could take the time and effort to learn what I know about the internet and implement those techniques. However, from experience I know the average person won't take the time and effort this requires even though it can really payoff long term.

So where does that leave us? Well to be truthful for the average person it pretty much drives them out of business. Even though what we have right now is perhaps the best opportunity of the last 20 years.

It still takes and above average person with above average effort to make it. I'm not going to sugar coat it here. Some people just can't hack it, they simply don't have what it takes.

With what we have now with this incredible product and timing it can be done. However, what if you could super charge your results.

Here's where it gets real interesting - consider this scenario:

What if you could break even or even make a little money while people take a look at your business. In other words prospects everyday from around the country could be looking at your business without you in effect paying a dime If you could do that wouldn't that be like having a brother who owns a newspaper and let's you advertise your opportunity for free. So once you get going you're in profit very quickly. As we said earlier one of the biggest reasons people fail in a home business is because they don't make money fast enough.

Now let's get back to our family and friends. You need to read the following article for the true purpose family and friends should play in your home business.

Click Here to Read Article on Friends, Family and the Home Based Business:

Here's the breakdown on this - let's sum it up. Basically our system is win or really win. We endeavor to take the losing out of the formula. Remember our lottery ticket example above does this mean we win every time we play - no, to that would require our prospect to always take our desired action. However, we set it up to come out ahead when we average every thing up.

You will learn a variation of the formula that the top internet marketers use to make small fortunes.

Here's in effect what they do.

First they drive traffic to something called a landing page, or squeeze page, capture page, etc. There goal here is to capture your name and email address as a minimum so they can continue to carry on a relationship with you over the coming weeks and months until you trust them enough to do business with them.

Because most people won't spend a lot of money at first until they learn to trust the marketer, the marketer will typically try to market a relatively inexpensive e-book (their front end product) and then continue to market to their list to sell you more products and more expensive products (their back end product).

First keep in mind if you join with us we'll show you how to implement in your business what we do below.

First - we drive traffic to our landing page where we do the following.

We endeavor to get them to signup for our home business tips and information newsletter on what to look for and how to properly build a home business. This allows us to continue to market to our prospect over time.

Second we want to earn money off of our prospect by providing a valuable service to pay for our traffic to at least break even. We're not interested in making a killing here or taking advantage of our prospects.

Third we have additional products or services we will offer our prospects so even if they don't join our business it will provide us additional prospects to continue to fund our prospecting plus make a profit.

In addition with such a comprehensive home business plan in place our business will become much more attractive to everyone including our friends and families.

Our Marketing Advantages
  • 12 year old mature company with the record setting growth of a new company
  • Millions invested for growth and infrastructure
  • World Class management team with a Billion Dollar vision
  • Member of the Direct Selling Association DSA – Co-Founder Youngest Owner ever awarded a full seat on the DSA
  • Numerous websites and tools dedicated to your success
  • Best most lucrative comp plan in the Industry – pays 10 levels Plus infinity- plus a matching enroller bonus.
  • Comp Plan is Perfectly suited for momentum growth and placing distributors under distributors.
  • Incredible momentum timing at the present. The money is made in this industry with timing.
  • Product advantages – see product Advantages below.
  • Plus our exclusive Internet Marketing System outlined on this page..
  • And many others

Our Product Advantages
  • We'd had big success off the internet. The best marketing scenario you can invision is when you bring in a new customer from the internet that they refer people locally. That is what we have due to the power of thie product.
  • 4000 year old history of use longest history of any product of it's kind.
  • Over 90 documented studies on Pubmed.gov
  • Featured in the following publications
    • Featured on Oprah Show
    • Time Magazine Superfruit of the Year
    • Featured in LA Times
    • Kevin Trudeau’s Book – Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About
    • Women’s World Magazine
    • Golf Magazine
    • ABC News
    • Today Show
    • MTV
    • Chiropractic Wellness Magazine
  • Tastes Better than Other Similar Products
  • Only product of it's kind with Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Studies on the actual product, which reveal 13 specific health benefits in 14 days.
  • And many others

It doesn't depend on marketing to your family and friends. (However, because of the product and system they'll most likely want to get involved eventually)
It doesn't depend on you spending a bunch of money on and phoning and chasing after worthless leads. (The system is designed to bring high quality prospects to you at for next to nothing while even generating a profit to you)
It doesn't require you to have a huge knowledge of internet marketing. (You're tappping into our over 12 years experience)
It allows you to take advantage of the vast prospecting capabilities of the internet sending targeted traffic to your website. (You're not depending on friends and family but you're also not going to go broke buying traffic)
You get the best of both worlds - very few if any businesses are successful with no human contact or intervention. We endeavor to create alliances to the benefit of all parties. For example people that are good on the phone we endeavor to pair with those who aren't but have a another valuable skill. This creates a winning scenario for all involved.
A unique powerful comp plan that allows us to do this. A 10 level comp plan that not only allows this but encourages us to build under people due to the matching enroller bonus. This means when we find someone serious about building a business we are only too happy to place new people under them. This is the ideal marketing situation to be in where you're benefiting from your efforts those people working under you and those people working above you. This is the fastest way to get ahead.
A product that stands above the competition - a superior product with a lesser marketing plan is always superior than superior marketing with an inferior product. Here's why - first would you knowingly want to stick someone with an inferior product, plus inferior products lead to less reorders, less satisfaction and more. Which means you always have to continue to find new customers. We have the best product of it's kind on the market with a superior marketing plan - a true winning combination.

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